BioEmpe. Household Cleaning

BioEmpeHousehold Cleaning
In In Bodegas Dinastía, we have created the line bioEmpe cleaning vinegar, an ecological and biodegradable product.
Sometimes it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on buying products we will not use. BioEmpe cleaning vinegar is MULTIPURPOSE: a concentrated product that enables deep cleaning on different surfaces at home. Now, with a new lemon fragrance for a more pleasant experience and inexpensive product.

Tips for use

BioEmpe cleaning vinegar sometimes opens unthinkable doors, presenting us with endless possibilities for our household cleaning.

Logistic Tab

Vinagre de Alcohol 8º
Vinagre de Alcohol 10º
limieza 1
capacidad CAPACITY 1 Litre
unidades BOX UNITS 12
dimensiones BOX DIMENSIONS 32*23.5*28.7cm
peso BOX WEIGHT 12.60 Kgr.
pallet PALLET BOXES 55/5 rows
dimension pallet PALLET DIMENSIONS 80*120*160cm.
peso pallet PALLET WEIGHT 710 Kgr.
EAN EAN CODE 84 37012 41 735 9
limieza 5
capacidad CAPACITY 5 Litre
unidades BOX UNITS 3
dimensiones BOX DIMENSIONS 50.5*17.3*33cm
peso BOX WEIGHT 15.50 Kgr.
pallet PALLET BOXES 44/4 filas
dimension pallet PALLET DIMENSIONS 80*120*145cm.
peso pallet PALLET WEIGHT 700 Kgr.
EAN EAN CODE 84 37012 41 736 6


Cervera Street, 16
13700 Tomelloso (C. Real)



+34 926 511 389 
+34 926 100 475

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